about us

The well-equipped manufacturing unit with all testing facilities in the industrial suburbs of Mumbai is managed by qualified and experienced engineers supported by technicians and administrative staff who had been at their job for many years. The place in one of the industrial estates in Mumbai from where we started our journey is a spacious office today and serves as a co-ordination centre for many activities like marketing, procurement, communication and meeting some of our customers.

As India is poised for a rapid growth in the manufacturing industry and expansion in the power sector, we are geared up to manufacture and supply to the growing demand for distribution equipment in LV and MV.

Be it complete MV switchgear panels for a 1800TPD cement plant in Africa, a 22kV  VCB panel with double bus bars for a Grid and Cogen plant power distribution centre with power sharing and changeover system for a paper plant near Mumbai or 11kV VCB panels for 10 x 1000kW DG sets with auto-synchronizing and load sharing system for a major IT organization in Bangalore, we have executed them all with ease well within the committed delivery periods.