Product Details


Medium Voltage Switchgear Panels

VCB/SF6 Panels up to 40kA for both Indoor & Outdoor Applications
Double Bus bar Panels with Grid & Standby power supply systems.
Skid mounted/ Containerized Breaker Panels.

   Salient Features:

Panels are designed in accordance with our principles “ABB's” and as per IEC / IS Standards & current ratings up to 3150Amps & short time ratings upt to 40kA.
Cassette mounted & Truck mounted Breakers of ABB
Designed for highest operational reliability and personal safety.
Circuit Breaker with draw out feature for easy maintenance and fail-safe safety.
Easy Operation & Installation
Modular & compact for better strength and flexibility in extension.
Independent exhaust vents for all HT compartment are provided for natural cooling and exit for any flue gasses.
Metal clad construction - all compartments are segregated from each other with metal sheets
IP4X degree of protection externally for Indoor Application.
IP55 degree of protection externally for Outdoor Application.
Live parts covered by automatic metallic shutters when breaker is racked out
Long mechanical life with sturdy and proven operating mechanism


  • Transformer switching
  • Capacitor switching
  • Motor switching

Medium voltage air insulated load break switch fitted in sheet steel encloser suitable for either Indoor or Outdoor installation. This switchgear is provided with spring assisted opening and closing operation. Auto-Trip possible through HT Fuse and/or shunt trip coil on load condition.

Salient Features.
IP4X degree of protection externally for Indoor Application.
IP55 degree of protection externally for Outdoor Application.
Fully inter-locked mechanism and covers
Integral Earth Switch duly inter-locked with main switch
Available us to current rating of 1250Amps
Can be used in ring main systems in multi-panel configuration


  • Transformer switching
  • Can be used as Ring Main Unit (RMU)
  • Incoming power supply on-load isolation

SF6 insulated ring main unit (RMU) for secondary distribution networks that utilises the latest in switchgear technology to provide a smart, safe and compact fuse protected switchgear solution.Safe Plus is a completely sealed system with a stainless steel tank containing all the live parts and switching functions. A sealed steel tank with constant atmospheric conditions ensures a high level of reliability as well as personnel safety and virtually a maintenance-free system.

Salient Features.
HV section totally independent of environmental influences
High level of reliability and increased personal safety
Highest availability with minimum maintenance requirements
No live parts exposed
Available with load break switch,Fuse combination or ABB vacuum interrupter


  • Compact secondary substations
  • Wind power plants
  • Buildings, hotels, shopping centers
  • Airports
  • Railway systems
  • Underground installations

A Package Substations is completely self-contained Solution for power distribution that includes outdoor duty enclosure, medium voltage switchgear, distribution transformer, low voltage panel, and accessories such as power factor improvement equipment, control and protection equipments, all providing a cost effective and efficient total installation.

It finds extensive application in small industry, building and power distribution units.
Factory assembled weatherproof solution ready for placing into position and only incoming and outgoing cables need to be connected.
Salient features
Modular construction of enclosure provides high degree of
flexibility to meet specific site requirements
Fully compartmentalized construction for MV switchgear, transformer and LV switchgear
Specially designed ventilation system to suit local climatic conditions
Appealing aesthetics
Safety ensured for operator, public and environment
Low life-cycle cost

V-Contact VSC are suitable for controlling electrical apparatus in industry, in the service sector, in the marine sector, etc. They are suitable for control and protection of motors, transformers, power factor correction banks, switching systems, etc

Salient features
Low chopping current
High number of operations
Negligible auxiliary power requirement
Long electrical and mechanical life
Contactor dedicated vacuum interrupters with high performance especially for switching of motors Up to 1,000,000 mechanical operations

Salient features
Porcelain Clad Construction, suitable for outdoor sub-station layouts
Available in a current rating of upto 2500A and STR of 31.5KA
Available in VCB/SF6.
Minimal operating energy required enabling use of simple, reliable and proven low energy spring operating mechanism
Suitable for auto-reclosure duty cycle
Mechanical Operation counter
Easy to install-structure mounted, with an option to extend structure for mounting of instrument transformer
Complete breaker can be shipped as one single unit-no adjustment required at site
Applications-capacitor switching, distribution networks, arc furnace duty, switching unloaded transformers and reactors